My pop was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2006 and after months of treatment his condition worsened to the point where he needed some assistance. Around July 2007 I began taking care of my parents' yard when my Pop became too ill to continue doing it himself. This was a tough time for him, something as small as cutting grass was hard for him to let go of. Like most of us, it is hard to let go of doing for ourselves. Throughout this process my Pop would be sitting on the porch "supervising" me. Every move I made he had specific instructions on how it should be done, and over the next few months I had really gotten his system down pat! No more instructions from the porch, just the occasional wave as I passed on the mower. Now... I miss that wave.

After losing my Pop to Cancer I began to wonder if other families might be going through this same situation, so I reached out to various Cancer Centers to see if my idea was of interest to them and the response was overwhelming. I found Mowing with a Meaning to satisfy this often overlooked but necessary need. Now after years of service we have had the privilege of assisting many families. This service gives such satisfaction, if we can help we try to make it happen. In hard times families need to stay focused on the prize and that is to be Cancer Free!

It has been years since my Pop passed, but to this day when I am at my parent's house cutting grass, I still look at the porch when I pass by with an occasional wave. Many families that we have assisted over the years have had to deal with the loss of their loved ones, just as my family and so many of you have. We have memories of them all. Everyone battling this unwanted disease is courageous beyond words and Mowing with a Meaning is blessed to be a part of their lives! As a Cancer survivor myself, I know firsthand that Cancer is a physical and mental battle that affects the entire family!

May God bless you all,

-Robert "Smokey" Page



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